2015 Bird Care (Australia)

It’s important to keep your birds medicated throughout the year, to ensure the health of your birds for optimum breeding throughout 2015. Here is a quick monthly guide so you know when it’s time to medicate your birds for 2015. Write the dates down in your calendar now so you don’t forget!


End of February – A good time to start is the end of February to cleanse your birds ready for the Autumn breeding.


End of May – Cleanse your birds, so they can get through the Winter months.


End of August – Cleansing time, get them ready for the Spring breeding.


End of November – Before it gets too hot, worm them so they can get through the hottest part of the year. It’s better to worm and treat for coccidiosis when the temperature is less than 30 degrees C.


Happy bird breeding for 2015