March 2014 Finch Bizz


I hope you are all well and surviving this roller-coaster ride we are having with the weather. One minute excessively hot, next moment pouring rain. I stand still for more than two minutes in my backyard; the grass almost grows over my head. I seem to be standing behind the mower continually at the moment. A concrete backyard is looking good at the moment.

How’s your breeding season been, as I said last month, local breeders are reporting mixed results. Some of our local Gouldian breeders reported very good results. Longtails, Nuns, Stars are some of the species that I have been offered in numbers, however foreign waxbill species have been far and few between.

Orange bird sale has come and gone, unfortunately due to ill heath I didn’t go this year which I was disappointed about as I look forward to Orange each year. Reports from others were a reasonable selection of finches there and they cleared well.

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